Too Many Web Sites

Any rational person will tell me I am trying to run too many web sites. I respect that opinion. But, that said, this is a short list of what I am doing and why
  • -- Call it my main web site because it has been out there for eight years and gets a reasonable amount of traffic. It's there for people either considering a move to Nicaragua or who are here and trying to get organized.
  • -- If you have been reading here, you know I am pretty interested in the ideas of a Resource Based Economy. is what I call RBE free speech. Anyone can create their own blog there which is totally under their control. I contrast this with what the big RBE sites seem to think is a blog. My personal blog is at
  • -- STE means Save The Earth. While the projects there may not actually do that I think they are generally good things. Call this the how to of my sites. Hopefully I will telling you enough so that you can reproduce what I am doing.
  • -- There are actually multiple sites out there but the idea is to offer useful information for those considering a move to a new country. Lots more to come there. One sub-site, which, while neglected, is there for people to ask questions about a potential move.
Yes, I have other sites but that's a good start. Of all of them, I encourage you to stop by if you have any interest in RBEs.