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Concrete 5

I have previously written about various Content Management Systems. It case it wasn't already obvious, various choices are better suited for various tasks. That is, there is no one universally better one. In this post I want to add Concrete 5 to the list.

Calling it a CMS is probably incorrect. It is a tool for creating a web site. Unlike Drupal, ocPortal and such it is not a tool to allow you to have the unwashed masses contributing to the site.

Looking more at CMSs

Last year I wrote but I recently updated my knowledge because of two projects and a disaster I am dealing with. I don't intend to tell you the other article is mis-information but I want to add a bit of information on two more CMSs.

Tiki Wiki

The first is Tiki Wiki. I had used it long ago and it was a pretty amazing collection of bugs. It seems to be stable now so I took another look.


Which CMS is Best?

Executive Summary: It depends. But, this article will offer you some clues.

One of the first problems is that what one thinks is a CMS is not necessarily what others think it is. Yes, it is a Content Management System but that is less than a precise definition. Rather than try to refine the definition extensively, let me say the general goal is to just create a dynamic web site. Public, more than one person adding content and lots of people reading content. Not precise but at least it will get us closer to the same game.

Many years ago my friend Teran said "Use Drupal.


Is Merengue the new Drupal?

I have used Drupal for many years. It might even be my fault that started using it. The reason I don't remember is because it was so long ago. I Created using Drupal 4.7 and it still uses Drupal 5. This site uses Drupal 6 and I have been doing development on another site in Drupal 7. I am not trying to suggest I am a Drupal expert, just that I have used it for years for many things.

I started looking at Django ( a few years ago and even did one internal application using it.