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Time for Lubuntu?

I've been a Linux user almost as long as Linus has. Once I got serious about using a GUI, I quickly became a KDE user. Yes, I have played with Gnome many times but I quickly back to KDE. But, that said, much like the US government, it seems that KDE had developed more bloat than i like.

Following the Microsoft model, the next generation of hardware seems to always make up for the next generation of features. We tend to accept the it does more excuse for it needing newer, bigger and faster hardware.

Website or Newsletter?

Long before everyone had a web site, the two ways you read the news on-line was Usenet newsgroups or mailing lists. The newsgroups were, and still are, pull media. Mailing lists are push. If you are reading this, you are using pull media. That is, you had to come here and ask for what you wanted to read.

Generally, pull is what I want. That is, I want to go out and get what I am looking for rather than having it rammed down my throat. But I have had people telling me that they want push.


Paul Wheaton on MACs, Windoze and Linux

Paul Wheator, permaculture guy and cteater of both and recently released a podcast that has nothing to do with Permaculture. Most permies will probably have little interest but it was very interesting to me. It was about finding a new tool to use in his work. Not a shovel or tractor but a laptop computer.

If you want to hear the podcast, it is at . While the podcast stands on its own, I have some observations and comments.