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I'm glad I live in Nicaragua, not the US

I moved out of the US 9 years, 11 months and 4 days ago. It was right after than 9/11 thing. You know, the one where any attempt at a serious investigation into what happened gets derailed by the government. One major thing that has happened is that I have diversified my news sources. It doesn't take too long for you to realize that big corporate media in the US (and I will include PBS and NPR in this) are there to follow the party line. That is, to show you that your position is represented even though it may not be the most popular.

Well, give me a break.

Internet censorship in the US

I just read an article on Prison Planet that makes me think access to information is on its way out in the US. Of course, it sounds like you couldn't even read that article in some places as you are being protected.

By now we are used to censorship so that a child doesn't get to see a naked breast (even though killing people seems to be OK) but it sounds like the crazyness is going a bit beyond breasts.

It's Happening

That is, the mainstream financial racket is finally starting to admit the US debt bubble is real. Yesterday, S&:P downgraded the US gov financial outlook from stable to negative. Now, for anyone with a half brain (and no vested interests), this was pretty obvious ages ago.