resource based economy

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Wealth or Life?

Here is the title from an email message I just received: The Best and Most Surefire Way of Building Wealth in Troubled Times:. It is but one of many messages I have seen recently on wealth. It is, in my opinion, a diversion from actually living on the planet. It is overhead.

While we/the system continue to accept that building wealth both can be done and is what should be done, it is really fiction. You can build a house, a boat or even a piece of software. But, you cannot build wealth.

Writing RBE Fiction

If you have been reading here for a while you know I have talked about the Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project and the idea of a Resource Based Economy. Everything, up to now, has been real world. That is, issues with our current money economy and some possibilities for the Earth to convert to an RBE. But, no matter how you slice it, it is pretty hard to envision the change.

The fact that you think of it in the context of the current -isms (Capitalism, Communism, Marxism, Socialism, ...) makes it very hard to really see what it means or how it could happen.

Bittorrent as an RBE

I continue to think a lot about The Zeitgeist Movement and the idea of a resource based economy. This morning I am downloading the latest Kubuntu distribution and it made me realize that bittorrent is another RBE example.

First, of course, is the fact that Kubuntu is a resource. Like all non-prorietary software, it is not scarce as anyone can get it for free. The limiting factor is distribution. It is a full CD (700MB) of software. The issue is, of course, delivery.

Who is Peter Joseph

On ZM radio on 20 April (see, Peter Joseph had an important announcement. The program is worth listening to so you understand the details but basically it was that The Venus Project decided they no longer wanted to work with the Zeitgeist Movement.

Clearly there are some strange dynamics going on and all indications are that for Fresco and Meadows it is my way or the highway. As an outside observer, it seems like a mistake.

Book: Looking Forward

I found Looking Forward by Kenneth S. Keys, Jr. and Jacques Fresco a very interesting read. Partly for its intended purpose and partly because it was a look at the 21st century written almost 50 years ago.

Part I of the book deals with what is possible. While there are some solutions they propose that have so far proved to be not a good soltuion, the concepts are right on. They put a lot of effort into showing us what is wrong socially and politically that creates problems and wastes resources that, if used correctly, could give us the 21st century they describe.