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Concrete 5

I have previously written about various Content Management Systems. It case it wasn't already obvious, various choices are better suited for various tasks. That is, there is no one universally better one. In this post I want to add Concrete 5 to the list.

Calling it a CMS is probably incorrect. It is a tool for creating a web site. Unlike Drupal, ocPortal and such it is not a tool to allow you to have the unwashed masses contributing to the site.

Getting Organized with Zim

I am playing with a notes package called Zim. It claims to be wiki-like which makes it pretty interesting.

The usual complaint about Wikis is that the syntax gets in the way. That is, you have to insert syntax (which is usually somewhat different in each Wiki) to get things done. Well, Zim has no syntax or, more accurately, you don't work with it or ever see it. Zim just uses it internally to offer the functionality. While you can't really call it a WYSIWYG, it's close and you don't have to do funny stuff to get the WYSIWYG features.

Did you ever use Wordstar or PCWrite?

Thinking About a Resource-Based Economy

I have recently read Looking Forward and other writings by Jacque Fresco ( and re-watched The Zeitgeist Addendum in an attempt to connect the dots regarding an alternative to the failing money-based economy. Fresco, in particular, is saying that we need to transition to a resource-based economy. While one needs to do a lot of reading to understand what this really means and why it could actually work (which I encourage), here is a short introduction so you can at least understand what I am talking about.