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Is Pot a Better Answer?

Are we sold chemicals and patent medicines for conditions that can be be treated with marijuana? Is Marijuana safer? Well, probably.

Marijuana has already made inroads where there are no effective patent medicines such as AIDS wasting and nausea from chemotherapy. If it is effective in those cases, it seems that is more evidence that we are being sold a bill of goods in other cases.

Pot and Bad Science

I just read the executive summary from The Influence of Cannabis on Driving from TRL, (a copy of the full TRL Report, TRL477 for £50, may be obtained from: TRL Publications Sales by telephone on 01344 770783 or by writing to: TRL Limited, Publication Sales, PO Box 303, Wokingham, Berkshire RG45 6YX) and was, well, amused.


Venice was a Quiet Mena

Let me say that I have read, enjoyed and been impressed with the work of investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker for years. He is one of the few I have seen that seems to be fearless to just tell it like it is.

While Mena, Arkansas was on his list for a while, his recent concentration has been on Venice Airport, most recently famous for training 9/11 pilots. Not giving up on building connections, he continues to uncover a lot of interesting things going back to the 1960s.