renewable energy

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Why Grid-Tie Systems Suck

A while ago I posted an article here about what I called grid assisted electric systems. As far as I know, the concept is mine and I do plan to write more about it.

In that article and others I have pointed out why grid-tie systems don't make a lot of sense.

Energy: PV plus Wind

Up until a couple of weeks ago, my only electricity source was about 2000 peak watts of PV panels. What's new is a 400 peak watt wind turbine. So far, so good.

The PV array usually supplies all my energy needs. Everything here is electric except the kitchen stove. In almost a year of living here, I have run my backup generator for about eight hours and half of that was just because it is a good idea to start it every couple of months. True that our rainy season wasn't rainy enough but that still shows PV was a good thing.