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Making Bread

While I had a bread machine years ago, I am taking my new one more seriously. That is partly because where I live there are really no decent bread options and, well, almost no bread options at all. I have a Zojirushi machine which was described by many as the best that can be found. It certainly is a serious step up from the old machine I had. I am very happy with it.

Recipe: Dosas

Dosas, according to The New Laurel's Kitchen (which isn't that new as it came out in 1986) are "a classic South Indian pancake". The cookbook goes on to describe it as a different way of thinking about meal preparation as you start two days in advance. That doesn't make them hard to make, it just means you need to plan in advance.

First, let me get the usano idea of a pancake out of the picture.


Mainstream Organic Food

I remember when Cascadian Farms was a relatively small company with some nice organic products. And I remember when Gardenburger became the vegetarian alternative to cow-burger that people has heard of. Well, today, Gardenburger is owned by Kellog's and Cascadian Farms is owned (indirectly) by General Mills.

I'm just not sure if that is good or bad. If the products are still the same, this should just mean greater exposure to "good food" over the usual corporate factory farm products. But, does it? And what about the goals of the parent companies?

Why Phosphorus

Forming new topsoil

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