Kubuntu 10.04 Almost

When I wrote about beta 1 I was pretty positive. That is, 10.04 looked good, some things that were problems for me in 9.04 or 9.10 were fixed and while there were some rough edges, things seemed to almost be there.

Well, beta 2 broke some things and now, at RC, more things are broken. The strangest is that my printer was detected on beta 1 automatically. The printer no longer works. I went back to an older system and it didn't work either. I was about to think the printer died but, as a final test, I booted up the 10.04 beta 1 CD on another laptop and the printer works just fine.

RC has added another new feature. Neither Sleep nor Hibernate work. This is particularly strange as they have not been an issue on any version of Linux I have tried on this laptop. That has included 9.04, 9.10 and both 10.04 betas.

With only four more days to release, I am a bit concerned.


Today's Update

Currently, my summary is "not bad". Not perfect but not a disaster either. As I like KDE 4 a lot more than 3.5, I am going to stick with 10.04 and see how things go.

The won't sleep and the process running eating up resources were related. Strigi was the cause. This is an automatic indexing program where automatic means I wasn't told this sucker would be there eating up my computer. As a huge file store is mounted in my home file tree over NFS and the NFS work is done over a WiFi connection, the world sucked. Changing it from automatic to get lost solved both problems.

One remaining problem is that over a sleep or hibernate cycle, touchpad settings are forgotten. That means that tap keeps getting enabled. I know how to solve this but actually would like to see it get fixed instead. I will endure a bit more.

Other than those issues, things seem to be pretty stable now.

Two updates

First, the printer problem was the driver. It turns out that the "recommended" driver for this printer fails for at least 8.04 forward. Whatever was the default for 10.04 Beta 1 worked. I finally picked the other driver option in 10.04 RC and it works fine. The sleep/hibernate problem is half a problem. That is, it works some of the time. I am guessing it is related to virtuoso (whatever that is) which sometimes eats up most of the computer forever.