Government for Who?

For those of you still living in the USA, I want to point out that you seem to be asleep. That is, you seem to have given away the idea of democracy to corporations and, well, you don't even seem to notice anymore.

Let's start with an article about GMO Food Labeling. The idea appears popular (as it should) but the government (in this case, the Washington State Legislature doesn't seem excited about it. Now, this is not a bill to ban GMO products (which many think is a good idea). It is just legislation that would require the consumer to be made aware that a product is genetically modified.

You might consider this unnecessary overhead. If that was the concern, why did we need legislation to change the name of vitamins to food supplements or ban the sale of raw milk (which the consumer specifically wanted)?

If you were the suspicious type you might think Monsanto, Big Pharma and such got to vote (and, well, you didn't).