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This feels strange

Most of what I post here is pretty geeky but this post is much more personal. That is, it is about a person, what I am doing for them and, well, why. What feels strange is that I am just doing this -- because it just feels like what I should do. Few people seem to understand it but, I do.

OK, what am I talking about? I have a part-time maid. She has a now 16 year old daughter. The idea was that she would make a good friend for my 16 year old niece. While they know each other, the "good friend" part never happened. (And, in fact, my niece is back in Nicaragua and says she is not moving to here which happens to be Panajachel Guatemala.) But, that didn't stop her (Rocio is her name) from visiting.

Remembering with Wallabag

Well, it's not really bookmarking but I don't have the right word. Save is the right word but the wrong connotation. From Wallabag web page we get:

wallabag (formerly poche) is a self hostable application for saving web pages. Unlike other services, wallabag is free (as in freedom) and open source.

Did that help?


Yeah again for DreamHost

My experience with DreamHost has always been positive. I have had a dedicated server there for two years. The only reason I no longer want it is that I have moved some of my web sites outside the US. Not a DreamHost issue other than their physical location.

What this means is that I no longer need a dedicated server. I decided the best solution was to downgrade to a shared server for those domains that remain. I was about to start moving things but decided to ask if there was an easier way.

NSA keeping up with the Chinese

Are you running one of those insecure routers or a good US one? Well, it looks like NSA has kept up with the Chinese (or at least what the NSA said China was doing). According to an article in The Guardian, US-made can be a serious issue.

This information comes from Glenn Greenwald's book No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State which will be released tomorrow.

Cryptocat and Facebook

While lots of us have abandoned Facebook (or never used it), if you use it and aren't a fan of your chat being shared with NSA, et al, Cryptocat now allows you to encrypt your facebook chat. There is still, of course, some metadata in the clear but your conversation is private.

Site moves continue

I am moving a whole host of web sites to new servers plus adding a new site. It's not fun but it has to happen. Let me offer a brief story about why the move and a less brief look at how.

Attention Geeks: bitcoin tweet

I just read a great tweet about bitcoin that non-geeks probably won't get. Here it is:
azeem ?@azeem 2h

@wadhwa bitcoin reminds me early packet vs circuit switched shift. 
The benefits ultimately really felt when the consumer experience is easy
Let me try to explain for you "beginner geeks".

OK, we're back

You may have noticed that we went away for a few days. In a word, sorry. I have been moving my web sites out of the US and there was a hickup in this move. Not with the new hosting company in Germany but with the now ex-hosting company.

Worf is Right

Remember StarTrek: The Next Generation? Remember how Worf would say "He has no honor?" Well, for me, that message is sinking in.

While I am a Dead Head, I don't consider myself a Trekie but ST:TNG has re-entered my life with a different purpose. I have been watching it dubbed in Spanish. While I know people who watch Soap Operas to learn a language, that isn't my style. But, ST:TNG always impressed me because of it's better society message amid technological advances.

Concrete 5

I have previously written about various Content Management Systems. It case it wasn't already obvious, various choices are better suited for various tasks. That is, there is no one universally better one. In this post I want to add Concrete 5 to the list.

Calling it a CMS is probably incorrect. It is a tool for creating a web site. Unlike Drupal, ocPortal and such it is not a tool to allow you to have the unwashed masses contributing to the site.