About fylz.com

This page describes what is fylz.com, why it exists and some basic usage information to make the site more useful to you.

Site Usage

Probably the most information is how to use the site. Right now, fylz.com is pretty much a read-only site, the exception being that comments, while moderated, are made available. Moderation is only here to prevent SPAM. That said, you may still want to create a login. The advantages of having an account is that you will be able to use some additional viewing options including "send to a friend".

You may wonder if anyone reads stuff here. The answer is that posts generally receive hundreds of reads and some posts have received well over 1000 reads. So, while no high volume, there are people out there reading.

What and Why

It's pretty simple, actually. I continually find interesting information, think of things that may be useful and generally "am alive" in the world. Some of this information belongs in "private places" but lots of it can be useful to others. Thus, the site exists as a "here is my info" place.